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Eclipse Playlist- songs for the sun, moon, stars!



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We all seem to be enamored with the upcoming eclipse- schools are counting down, doing district wide events, families are finding their prime location, and eclipse hunters have been tracking down their ideal location for years!

As I started compiling this list I looked a bit into last total solar eclipse, in 1918 and started thinking about how different times are, yet how captivated we still can be by such an event. Then, just months shy of WWI’s end, cars were becoming an attainable fixture in the landscape, penicillin was still 10 years away from being invented, radio was the way to stay up on the war effort abroad…my own house was only 4 year old! What a spectacle this day must have been- to see connect with the entire country from your own environment.

Map showing path of total eclipse of the sun across the United States, June 8, 1918

Map showing path of total eclipse of the sun across the United States, June 8, 1918

Today we can hop across the globe without ever leaving our phones, not to mention our multiple cars in the driveway. We can do pretty much anything we desire, yet we’re still longing for more meaning… maybe that’s why this event seems so intriguing. The older I get the more I start to appreciate the world around me, as children naturally do. I want to take more time to truly see things, rather than let them pass by.

In this playlist you’ll find some of those favorite tunes from soundtracks (E.T., Star Trek, etc.) that captured a space in our memories of what space might be like. These can be fun to share with our younger ones before they may be able to see the movies and shows themselves. When you’re ready to move on, there are pieces that seem to capture those thought provoking questions of, “What is space?” “How big are we?”, sometimes you can even picture that space station look down at the earth with movement through space …. “A Model of the Universe” by Johann Johannsson really does this for me, or “The Planets, Op. 32: Mars, The Bringer of War” by Gustav Holst”. As much as I’d like to witness this event with all of it’s spectacle, these pieces makes me want to just lie in my backyard reflectively, by myself- maybe with a couple friends.  (A couple tunes in here are lighthearted as well, hopefully you find the theme in them pretty quickly)

Our List: 

  1. The Creation (Die Schöpfung) Part 1/The First Day: Introduction: The Representation of Chaos- Franz Joseph Haydn
  2. The Planets, Op. 32: 1. Mars, The Bringer of War- Gustav Holst
  3. 12 Variationen uber “Ah! Vous dirai-je, maman”, K. 265- Franz Joseph Haydn (can you hear all 12 variations of the theme “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star”?)
  4. Main Title, Alien- Jerry Goldsmith
  5. Mr. Sun- MaryLee (something fun to sing along to) 😉
  6. A Model of the Universe, The Theory of Everything- Johann Johannsson
  7. End Credits- From “Star Trek V: The Final Frontier”- Jerry Goldsmith
  8. “All That Is or Ever Was or Ever Will Be”, Cosmos: A SpaceTime Odyssey (Music from the Original TV Series) Vol. 3- Alan Silvestri
  9. Samson, HWC 57: Total Eclipse (arr. for brass quintet) George Fredric Handel *This aria originally from the oratorio Samson discusses the character Samson actually going blind from looking at an eclipse of the sun! 
  10. Enter the Galaxies- Paul Lovatt-Cooper
  11. The Planets, op 32: 4. Jupiter, the Bringer of Jollity- Gustav Holst
  12. Main Title and The Attack on the Jakku Village, Star Wars, The Force Awakens- John Williams
  13. Also sprach Zarathustra, Op. 30: Prelude (Sonnenaufgang) “Sunrise”, Richard Strauss (2001: A Space Odessey)
  14. Main Theme, “Apollo 13”- James Horner
  15. Adagio in D Minor, “Sunshine” – John Murphy

*FYI- this playlist does tend to break all the rules in the “2 minutes or less” department on How I Create a Playlist… but it was too fun of a theme not to put it together. For those of you traveling to your Eclipse destinations, hopefully it will help pass the time, there are 15 days between now and then- and 15 pieces (one a day!)


Not included- but worth honorable mention for parents and irony-

-Eclipse- Pink Floyd
-Total Eclipse of the Heart- Bonnie Tyler
-Here Comes the Sun- The Beatles
-Sound of Silence- Simon and Garfunkel
-Endless Night- The Lion King
-Fly Me to the Moon- Frank Sinatra…

NASA also has compiled a great extended list of more popular tunes!eclipse-spotify

However, or wherever you are celebrating this event- don’t forget your eyewear! There are a A LOT of not safe products out there! The good folks over at NASA have not only listed the safest ways to view the eclipse, but also added a list of reputable vendors to their site https://eclipse2017.nasa.gov/safety 

Enjoy your tunes! And we will see you for classes in September!