Summer Playlist- Marching through Summer!


Welcome to summer! We’re kicking off our Summer playlist with a series of marches for your littles enjoyment. There won’t much historical information this time as the goal is for you to enjoy your holiday and play with your kiddos! (Some pointers on how to vary marching for ages are written below) Enjoy!

If you have a little one at home you know from experience that the drum, egg shaker, or tambourine some one of the first go-to instruments- and music with a strong sense of beat can be some of their favorite ways to express themselves. Marches are a perfect way to incorporate these instruments!

Variations: Surround your infants with options like instruments, metal bowls, and their favorite toys (in addition to our best accessories, hands!) and watch them participate! Toddlers will love mimicking by marching around or in place with their favorite instrument, while preschoolers will begin to anticipate what’s coming next through patterns in the form of the music- showing grander expression and playing the leader of the band. Have fun! Get the whole family to participate by march around the neighborhood or the backyard! These are some of the best, most expressive marches out there!

This playlist is great to get into the 4th of July spirit, especially for our littlest ones who maybe can’t get involved in everything the big kids can-  Be safe and Enjoy the Summer!

-Echo Music Studio


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