How We Choose Our Playlist Music


While we may occasionally get caught in a theme or find a song we really love and want to share, we try to always find pieces that fit the criteria of our curriculum “First Steps in Music” which outlines how to make song choices for what we call “Beat Motions” to illuminate expressiveness in children in the early years.

Things to Remember: 

*There will always be various criteria that we will consider when making our choices:
-use of instrumental music (although you will still hear some voices)
-examples are 2-3 minutes in length
-genres may vary between classical to jazz or instrumental folk music
-provide examples from many historical periods
-quality recordings
-instrumental recordings
-varying style, meter, and tonality

*When listening in your home, try to consider the following:
-how can we move to this song?
*if you have an infant be sure to hold them and tap the beat either in a burping motion,
sway side to side, take a few steps in and few steps out- don’t forget to find a mirror!
*if you have a toddler bounce your knees, flap your arms or hands, swing your arms, twist
twist at your waist, tap on your body- watch for your toddler to imitate, and later initiate!
-does your movement reflect the song? (fast/slow, loud/soft, is there a story to be told, or an emotion to convey?)


Happy Listening & Dancing!

Katie, Echo Music Studio

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